Command Line Arguments

SharpCap can be launched with a selection of command line arguments to customize its behaviour and deal with unusual situations:


Run SharpCap in a language other than the default Windows language. Specify the language code for a language that SharpCap supports, for example ‘fr’, ‘zh-CN’, ‘de’, ‘jp’.

Example :

/language fr


Open the specified camera when starting SharpCap. If the camera name contains spaces, enclose the camera name in double quotes.


/camera "ASCOM Camera Driver for DSLR"


Force SharpCap to use software rendering rather than an accelerated graphics card driver for certain parts of the UI. Use this option if you are running SharpCap via remote access software and parts of the SharpCap window are blank.


Run the specified python script file after SharpCap finishes loading. See Scripting for more details.


/runscript d:\files\


Create a crash dump minidump file on the desktop if SharpCap encounters a fatal error. Use this option if SharpCap crashes and does not offer the opportunity to submit a bug report.

The minidump file will be saved on the desktop and called SharpCap.dmp. Please send minidump files to technical support via the forums.


Run SharpCap with an alternative configuration. Specify a configuration instance number in the range 2-9.


/instance 2

When you first use an instance number, all your SharpCap settings will be copied from the default configuration. From that point onwards, settings changes made in the default instance will not affect the new instance (and settings changes in the new instance will not affect the default instance).

This approach allows you to set up two or more configurations for SharpCap, perhaps if you have multiple sets of imaging equipment attached to the same computer.

Note that the following items are shared between instances :

·         SharpCap Pro licenses

·         Capture Profiles, including the ‘auto save’ profiles used to restore previous camera settings automatically

·         Auto-saved sequence editor and sequence planner configuration


Use this option to start translating SharpCap to a new language.

See this thread on the forums for details of how to create a new translation of SharpCap. Please consider contributing your translation to the official version of SharpCap so that it can benefit other SharpCap users.