ASCOM provides a standard interface to a range of astronomy equipment including mounts, focusers and imaging devices and runs on the Microsoft Windows platform.  Further information can be found at the ASCOM Standards website.

FITS file format is an open standard adopted by the astronomical community for data storage.  Detailed information can be found at

PLATE-SOLVING A software tool to calculate where in the sky an image is from the pattern of stars in the image. All Sky Plate Solver is an example of this type of software and can automatically detect the celestial coordinates of captured FITS and JPEG files.

UTC Universal Coordinated Time – the global standard for measuring time in a time-zone independent way.  In practice UTC times are the same as GMT times.  See for a description of UTC Time Offsets.

WinJUPOS A software tool to help improve images of Jupiter and other planets by digitally correcting for the effects of planetary rotation. See for information to assist with the processing of image captures of Jupiter.